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We use ABA principles such as visual prompts, generalization, and low burnout when creating schedules. The synergy of our features provides an unprecedented user interface that enables a seamless, powerful, and advantageous scheduling experience.



See total hours, supervision percentage, and more to quantify your agency’s operations.

Availability Overlap

Enter the availabilities of your employees and clients and book appointments where availabilities overlap.


Book BCBAs and BCABAs for supervision hours


Save Schedules as templates or presets to use on future schedules!

Block Scheduling

Do you use block scheduling? You can incorporate your block scheduling strategy into the system.


See the availabilities, appointments, and cancellations for all employees and clients and see the changes to the schedule in real time!


Easily cancel appointments with one click. You will have a list of that week’s list of cancellations.

Match & Unmatch

Easily match clients and employees who work well together. And unmatch those you rather not have work together.

No Double Booking

Never double book a client and employee again!

Hours Wanted

Tell us how many hours a week you want each employee to work and each client to be seen. Keep track of how many hours each is booked, and when the limit is reached.


We know how important it is to have clients work with multiple employees to promote generalization!


Our automation feature finds an optimized schedule for your employees and clients given the constraints.

1 click emails

Email individualized schedules to clients and employees with one click.

Insurance Overlap

Clients can only be seen by employees credentialed by his or her insurance. We take care of that constraint for you! 

Color Coded

Available, scheduled, canceled, and supervision are all different colors to help you better understand your schedule. Also, the master schedule distinguishes each client and employee with a different color.

Low Burnout

Keep your employees to be happy, and we can help you create a schedule that keeps your employee burnout rate at an all time low!

Optimize Hours

The interface and automation will allow you to increase hours!

Become an expert scheduler

The number of variables and constraints to determine your schedule can be overwhelming. Availabilities, insurances, employee/client compatability, supervision hours, recommended hours (just to name a few) can all be incredibly overwhelming and time consuming. ABA schedules takes the heavy burden off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on the creative side of scheduling. By the way, we can take care of the creative side too with our automation features!

Maximize Revenue

More hours means more money for your company. Automate the scheduling process partially or completely and maximize your revenue given the availabilities of your employees and clients.

Minimize Time

Scheduling can be painstakingly frustrating and take many hours. Our platform will streamline the process so you can quickly create and change schedules. This gives you more time to work on other non scheduling tasks.

Automate Processes

ABA Schedules uses a never before seen scheduling algorithm to take all of your variables and constraints, and output an intelligent working schedule that optimizes the hours clients are seen.

ABA Schedules is a Real Game Changer!

Scheduling used to be the most frustrating task in the company. Now with ABA Schedules, scheduling is fun because it takes a fraction of the time. Not only do I save hours and hours of frustration, this software helps me find the optimal schedule to maximize my employees’ and clients’ hours. I will never again do scheduling without ABA Schedules.

Alicia Lasaga

Founder & CEO, Autism Worldwide


Here are the most frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions!


Does the automation feature really create a schedule?

Yes! It is like magic, but cooler because it uses our innovative scheduler technology.

Are You HIPAA Compliant?

Absolutely! We take HIPAA compliance very seriously and we have designed our site and software to be in accordance with HIPAA.

How Do I sign Up?

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How long is the free trial?

14 Days. You can try ABA Schedules for 14 days before you begin paying.

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HIPAA Compliant

ABA Schedules is HIPAA Compliant using HIPAA Compliant designs and integration such as with AWS SES and EC2.

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